Want to become an Action Factory Cincinnati member?

  • In order to play poker at The Action Factory, all individuals must sign-up for club membership.
  • There is no fee to sign up as a new member; however, all members are required to pay any Door Fees and/or Hourly Fees currently being charged by the club to maintain membership and access to the club on that particular business day.
  • The Action Factory in no way benefits or profits from any poker activities which may take place on club premises. The Action Factory’s sole sources of revenue come from membership fees and the sale of food and/or non-alcoholic beverages.
  • All members must be 21-years of age or older.

Cost to register as a member


Daily door fee to play

  • Door Fees: The daily door fee to access the club is $8 per member per business day. Re-entry is permitted. If a member participates in poker activities in the club that business day then the first $8 of their hourly fees are covered by their door fee.


Bulk Pricing is available for members who are interested in purchasing quantities of 5 or more hours at a time. See the front desk for more information.

$1/3 NLH​: $6 Per Half Hour*
$5/5 NLH​: $7 Per HH
$5/10 NLH: ​$8 Per HH

*All-Day Pass offered for $30 (Includes Door Fee & All Hourly Fees)

$1/2 PLO​: $6 Per Half Hour*
$5/5 PLO​: $7 Per HH
$5/10 PLO​: $8 Per HH
$25/25 PLO: ​$8 Per HH

*All-Day Pass offered for $45 (Includes Door Fee & All Hourly Fees)

**All-Day Special**: $90 Access to poker activities at the club for an entire business day (open until close) including all Door Fees and Hourly Fees.